Arisfor® Gives Back

Recently, Arisfor LLC. donated enough material to resurface a 14×9 staircase landing located in the front of St. Anthony of Padua in Sharon, PA. The landing had large cracks and holes extending across the entire surface. Starting around 10:30 a.m., after the surface was thoroughly cleaned, Technical Representative, Jarrod Russell, demonstrated how to properly use the Arisfor ToughDeck system.

Arisfor ToughDeck is a three component cementitious coating that can be applied to a variety of horizontal interior and exterior substrates for superior protection against the elements.

Members from the church were there to learn about the product and help complete the project. As the day progressed, members of the community stopped to watch and ask questions about the product. They were impressed with how easy Arisfor ToughDeck was to apply and how the product looked when it was finished. Since Arisfor ToughDeck was applied, the staircase landing looks like a brand new concrete slab.
Arisfor was happy to donate the product to St. Anthony’s and looks forward to seeing the product last for many years to come.