Protecting Your Concrete to Withstand Future Winters

The sun is beginning to shine back on the parts of the country that have been in the cold and dark for the duration of the winter, which of course, brings the opportunity to get outside for some much needed maintenance work. With the volatile conditions winters can bring, including extreme temperature spikes and drops, the freeze/thaw conditions have never been worse for concrete. One specific problem is the use of melting rock salts on concrete surfaces throughout the winter, which frequently succumb to the damage that the salt brings with it.

What most people might not know that salt itself doesn’t damage and eat away at concrete, but the effects of the salt do. Salt itself does not chemically react with the concrete. Salt does, however, lower the freezing point of water, which attracts moisture and increases the pressure of frozen water causing damage to concrete. Salt also increases the amount of freeze/thaw cycles a normal slab of concrete might go through, which in result, ends in unwanted concrete scaling.

The Solution

An effective solution to preventing concrete deterioration during the winter is applying a sealer. Arisfor offers a cost-effective and easy to apply Multi-Surface Waterproofer that provides years of protection. It is formulated for interior/exterior and is perfect to use on properly prepared concrete surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, stairwells, steps, patios, and other slab-on-decks, just to name a few. Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer is clear and will not discolor your concrete. Its advanced technology penetrates surfaces and bonds to form a superior barrier. Other waterproofers merely sit on top of the surface and wear away quickly, requiring costly re-applications.

Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer would be perfect to protect and seal your concrete from the harsh winter weather and the problems it endures from the use of rock salt, too. Make sure to order now so that you can protect and seal your surface well before the next winter rolls around! It is never to early, or too late, to protect your surfaces for years to come.