Restoring Your Concrete After a Damaging Winter

Winter is over and parts of the country once stricken by freezing rain, ice and snow are slowly starting to feel the warmth of the sun again. Of course, with that sunny warm weather comes the opportunity to repair and restore what was damaged during the harsh winter weather. With this winter being so volatile in its temperature highs and lows, the freeze/thaw conditions have never been worse for concrete. Another problem is the use of melting rock salts used throughout the winter on concrete sidewalks, driveways and roads, which frequently succumb to the damage it brings with it.

The Solution

Concrete repair and restoration is important in order to address the issues that the winter weather brings. A wonderful solution to this problem is to apply a coating over existing concrete transforming it from a damaged, dangerous eyesore to looking like a brand new finished product. Luckily, an easy to finish and long-lasting coating product on the market today is Arisfor ToughDeck.

Arisfor ToughDeck is a three component polymerized cementitious protective coating that can be applied to a variety of horizontal interior and exterior substrates. ToughDeck has superior adhesive properties and is extremely durable. This unique coating is abrasion resistant, impact resistant and water resistant while allowing for transmission of moisture vapor from within the substrate. Strong and sound, ToughDeck provides a long lasting slip-resistant surface for any temperature or climate, especially through harsh winters.

The Result

Arisfor ToughDeck has had a lot of success restoring and repairing various concrete projects with the final result looking good as new. ToughDeck has been successfully used on concrete steps, sidewalks, ramps, landing slabs, and entranceways that have deteriorated during winter months. To see all the projects ToughDeck has helped restore, visit our project examples page on our website.