New Arisfor High Performance Multi-Surface Waterproofer

Arisfor, LLC, recently introduced its next-generation Multi-Surface Waterproofer (MSW). Using leading edge nanotechnology, the new Arisfor MSW forms a moisture barrier that integrates with the surface material, providing superior protection against the damaging effects of water intrusion, acids and deicing salts.

The new Arisfor MSW is the result of an association with Integricote™, the first nanotechnology spin-off company from the University of Houston, and currently based at Energy Research Park in the center of Houston, TX. The relationship was initiated when Arisfor’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Martin Doody, and Plant Manager, Chris Lovett, were introduced to Shay Curran, a professor of physics at the University of Houston, and CEO of Integricote.

Read the full official press release here:

Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer Press Release