Protect Your Pool Deck – Keep it Looking New!

As the summer winds down and the days get a little colder, homeowners may start to survey the toll that the busy summer months took on their swimming pools, especially the concrete surrounding them. The best time to renovate, restore, and renew the concrete surrounding a pool is before it’s closed for the season – so that it’s ready for the following summer.

Areas of Concern

Homeowners may see unsightly cracking or spalling on their concrete decks surrounding their pools. Water intrusion, pool chemical exposure, and improper drainage issues are primarily the reason for these pool deck concrete deterioration issues. In result, pool owners may seek a restoration method, like a coating or sealer, which can address and prevent these issues.


The best way to address concrete pool deck deterioration is to resurface with a coating. Some coatings on the market offer a variety of color options, finishes, textures, and will even improve slip resistance – an important feature to have around a pool. Homeowners will also want to invest in a durable coating for long-lasting protection against salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions, and abrasion.

Protecting with a Waterproofer

Homeowners may also want to protect their pool deck, existing or recently resurfaced with a coating, with a waterproofer. Applying a waterproofer to the surface would eliminate the water intrusion issues that cause concrete pool decks to crack and deteriorate. Some waterproofers also aid in improving slip resistance and inhibiting mold and algae growth – making it ideal for areas that are frequently damp, like around pools.

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