In 1978, Roy Johnson, a disabled service veteran with a passion to provide a safe environment for children and families growing up in government housing projects and older public school buildings, developed a patented system of cementitious compounds for the encapsulation of lead-based paint. His hard work and dedication led to the development of “Encap Seal”. In 1988, he formed Encap Systems Corporation to market the product to the Federal Government and also to public housing for the encapsulation of lead-based paint. After enduring rigorous testing, Encap Seal was approved by the Health Departments of all 50 States for the encapsulation of lead-based paint and certain types of asbestos. Over the years, the Encap products have proven to be an incredible, versatile and cost-effective product, capable of being used in a wide variety of construction applications because of its unique composition and extreme adhesive properties.

In 2015, Arisfor®, LLC was formed when the Encap system was purchased from Protec-Kote Technologies, LLC starting the creation of the Arisfor WallGuard® and Arisfor ToughDeck® systems – the protection for your future projects.


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