Medical Canter – Windber, PA

Windber, PA - 2019


Concrete steps were deteriorating from deicing salts and rebar that was laid incorrectly.


Apply Arisfor ToughDeck® to the steps to reform and repair the steps


ToughDeck was used for the restoration of the outdoor steps at the Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center in Windber, PA. The concrete steps were deteriorated from deicing salts and rebar that was laid incorrectly. The rebar on the edge of the steps was laid too close to the surface causing the rebar to rust and leech to the surface. Over time, this also caused the concrete on the edge of the steps to deteriorate faster. The rebar had to be removed from each step to prevent the same thing from happening again. From reforming the steps to creating a finish, ToughDeck was used for this entire job. ToughDeck performed very well and was the only product needed for both thin and thick applications. In addition to ToughDeck being durable and adding longevity to the steps, the product is breathable so it will allow any moisture to evaporate.

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