Orlando Convention Center

Orlando, FL - 2013

Orlando Convention Center

PROBLEM: Reinforcing steel was rusting, causing spalling concrete
SOLUTION: Application of Arisfor ToughDeck to repair concrete

The Orange County Convention Center’s concrete walkway and stairs had spalling concrete due to the fact that the reinforcing steel was rusting. All of the loose and deteriorated concrete was removed in order to prepare the surface for a new Arisfor ToughDeck coating. ToughDeck was then applied in a thin, continuous layer and completed with a broom finish. The resulting surface was non-slip in nature, uniform in appearance, and provided the Convention Center with a durable and abrasion resistant walkway and staircase.

• The concrete looks as good as new after the repair
• This unique coating is abrasion resistant and impact resistant
• Tough Deck provides a long lasting non-slip surface in any temperature or climate
• Easy application and dries to the touch within 2-4 hours
• Is moisture permeable and protects against water intrusion
• Long term savings 

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