Patricia Avenue Driveway – Hermitage, PA

Hermitage, PA - July 2018


The owner wanted to restore and protect their brick driveway.


Apply Arisfor® Multi-Surface Waterproofer


The owners of a residential home in Hermitage, PA chose Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer (MSW) to restore and protect their brick driveway. A total of only 3.5 gal of MSW was applied by a
power sprayer to the existing pavers, but because of their porous nature, they required two coats. Prior to application, the substrate was power washed for a clean surface, and the sand that was placed between the joints had no effect on the final finish. By the end of the process, MSW had restored the natural color of the pavers while adding a protectant layer to the driveway. The homeowner said, “The process was so easy and the product made my 20-year-old driveway look vibrant and new again.”

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