Residential Sanford

Sanford, FL - 2002

PROBLEM: Cracked and moisture-damaged stucco
SOLUTION: Application of Arisfor WallGuard

The previous stucco on this house in Sanford, Florida was suffering from water and moisture damage, causing mold and mildew to form. We applied Arisfor WallGuard directly over the damaged and cracked stucco. This particular project took one week to complete due to the cracking stucco and workers remaining cautious of the mold. After over 10 years, no cracks have been found within our finished system.

• Looks as good as new when finished
• Has superior adhesive properties and is extremely durable
• Abrasion resistant, impact resistant, and water resistant while allowing for transmission of moisture vapor from substrate
• Provides long lasting protection in any temperature or climate
• Is more flexible
• Long term savings 

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